International Journal of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Volume 4 (2018), Article ID 4:IJCND-134, 8 pages
Research Article
Special Issue: Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals: Their Role in Disease Prevention
Oral Administration of S-acetyl-glutathione: Impact on the Levels of Glutathione in Plasma and in Erythrocytes of Healthy Volunteers

Sergio Fanelli1, Antonio Francioso1, Rosaria A. Cavallaro*2, Maria d'Erme1, Pietro Putignano3, Niccolò Miraglia4 and Luciana Mosca1*

1Department of Biochemical Sciences A. Rossi Fanelli, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
2Department of Surgery P. Valdoni, Sapienza University of Roma, Italy
3Diabetic Outpatient Clinic, ASST Monza, Italy
4Clinical & Pre-clinical Development, Gnosis SpA, Milan, Italy
Dr. Rosaria A. Cavallaro, Department of Surgery, P. Valdoni Sapienza University, Via Scarpa, 1400161 Roma, Italy, Tel: +39- 0649916604; E-mail:
Dr. Luciana Mosca, Department of Biochemical Sciences, Sapienza University, p.le Aldo Moro, 500185 Roma, Italy, Tel: +390649910987; E-mail:
12 April 2018; 04 July 2018; 06 July 2018
Fanelli S, Francioso A, Cavallaro RA, d'Erme M, Mosca L, et al. (2018) Oral Administration of S-acetyl-glutathione: Impact on the Levels of Glutathione in Plasma and in Erythrocytes of Healthy Volunteers. Int J Clin Nutr Diet 4: 134. doi:


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