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Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  5: IJCND-140
Research Article: Nutritional and Microbiological Composition of Serra Estrela Cheese: A Paradigm to Overcome
Maria João Cunha Silva Reis Lima*, Luísa Maria Dinis Cunha Fontes and António Fátima Melo Antunes Pinto
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  5: IJCND-139
Research Article: Neuroprotection Afforded by a Preventive CogniXtra Treatment Against Amyloid Beta Aβ25-35 Peptide-induced Toxicity in Mice
Guillaume Blivet, Francois J. Roman*, Johann Meunier, Laura Ceolin, Jean-Marie Butterlin and Jacques Touchon
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-138
Review Article: Ready-to-Use Therapeutic and Supplementary Foods in Ethiopia from 2006-2018: Scoping Review
Getahun Ersino, Susan J. Whiting* and Carol J. Henry
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Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-137
Research Article: Assessment of Dietary Management in AODCI-WDF Diabetes Network in Provinces of Côte d'Ivoire
Jean Brice Gbakayoro*, Abel Boli Zamblé Bi Irié, Yves Blanchard Anvoh, Jacko Rhedoor Abodo and Kouakou Brou
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-136
Research Article: Omega-3 Fatty Acids Insufficiency in Post Traumatic Brain Injury Patient (TBI) Attending Neurosurgery Clinics at Khola Hospital in Muscat- Sultanate of Oman
Ghazi Daradkeh*, Musthafa Mohamed Essa, Ali AL- Maashani, Samir Al-Adawi, R. Koshi, Sameera AL-Abrawi, Rayan Amiri and Jokha Al Barashdi
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-135
Research Article: Effects of Anti-oxidants on Oxidative Stress: Assessing MDA in Urine Samples
Sundardas Dharmadas Annamalay
Special IssueInt J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-134
Research Article: Oral Administration of S-acetyl-glutathione: Impact on the Levels of Glutathione in Plasma and in Erythrocytes of Healthy Volunteers
Sergio Fanelli, Antonio Francioso, Rosaria A. Cavallaro*, Maria d'Erme, Pietro Putignano, Niccolò Miraglia and Luciana Mosca*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-133
Commentary: Maternal and Child Nutrition: Importance of the First 1000 Days
Seray Kabaran
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-132
Mini Review: Creation of the World: Regulation of Development of Host Immunity by Microbiota from Birth Onwards
Ger T. Rijkers*, Ciska Lindelauf, Wieke Kagenaar, Nicole B. Rutten* and Frans J. van Overveld
Special IssueInt J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-131
Review Article: Effects of Nutrients, Mainly from Mediterranean Dietary Foods, on Mesenchymal Stem Derived Cells: Growth or Differentiation
Sergio Ammendola, Rossana Cocchiola, Mariangela Lopreiato and Anna Scotto d’ Abusco*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-130
Concept Analysis: A Training Program in Food Safety in Lebanon
Adel Cortas
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-129
Research Article: Sweeteners in Our Diets and World Health Organization Guidelines on Free Sugars Intake
Osama O. Ibrahim
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-128
Original Article: Dyslipidemia and Other Risk Factors Among Egyptian Patients with Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus and the Impact of Dietary Intervention with Thermally Treated Tomato Juice
Laila Hussein*, Sancia Gaetani, Sabila G Mousa, Laura D'Evoli and Nahed Hussein
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-127
Research Article: Roasting Conditions, Grinding Level and Brewing Method Highly Affect the Healthy Benefits of A Coffee Cup
Carla Severini*, Antonio Derossi, Ilde Ricci, Rossella Caporizzi and Anna Fiore
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  4: IJCND-126
Original Article: Association of Usual Intake of Added Sugars with Nutrient Adequacy
Theresa A. Nicklas*, Carol E. O’Neil and Victor L. Fulgoni
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-125
Original Article: The Cost of a Healthy and Socially Acceptable Food Basket for Six Households in Ireland
Marian O’Reilly*, Grainne Weld, Noreen Moloney, Charmaine McGowan, Cliodhna Foley-Nolan and Bernadette MacMahon
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-124
Research Article: Higher Vegetable Intake Improved Blood Glucose Level in Vietnamese With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Tran Phuong Thao*, Nguyen Thuy Linh, Hiroshi Nishiyama, Seigo Sakai, Fumio Shimura, Shigeru Yamamoto
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-123
Research Article: SDS-PAGE Detection and Proteomic Characterization of Glycation-Sensitive Bovine Serum Albumin Peptides and Referenced in Comparison with Human Serum Albumin
Li-Jung Lai, Fu-Long Huang and Ping-Hui Cheng and Robin Y.-Y. Chiou*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-122
Research Article: Meals and Eating Practices within a Multi-generational Approach-A Qualitative Insight Study
Christine Brombach
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-121
Research Article: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Usage Related to Dietary Supplements in a Group of Canadian Dental Students: A Pilot Study
Jay Hoover*, Hassan Vatanparast, Clinton Chess and Yasir Daoud
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-120
Commentary: Insights in the Nutrigenetic, New Candidate Genes in Nutritional Diseases (Lrp2, Cubn, Amn, Atxn2, Tjp1, Elmo1)
Diego Ortega-Pacheco, Perla Ruiz Madrigal, Erick Ramirez-Bohórquez, Luis Javier Flores Alvarado, Rosalba Ruiz- Mejía, Sergio Alberto Ramirez-Garcia*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-119
Research Article: Randomized Trial of Effect of Energy Dense Biscuits in Under Nourished Pregnant Women on Birth Weight of their Newborns in Low Income Peri-urban Settings of Karachi
Farah N Qamar
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-118
Mini Review: Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) a Source of Valuable Phytonutrients
Snežana Filip
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-117
Commentary: Enhancement of Biological Activity of Saponin-rich Plants by Subcritical Water Hydrolysis
Sang-Bin Lim