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Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-117
Commentary: Enhancement of Biological Activity of Saponin-rich Plants by Subcritical Water Hydrolysis
Sang-Bin Lim
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  3: IJCND-116
Study Protocol: Effects of Polyphenolic Extract from Pine Bark on the Improvement of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescent
Ying-Ru Chen,Yu-Ju Su, Yannick Piriou, Suh-Ching Yang*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-115
Research Article: Influence of Processing and Fermentation on Concentrations of Zn, Ca, Mg, and Phosphate in Goat Milk
Aida V. Quintana López, Miguel Navarro Alarcón, María D. Ruiz López and Manuel Olalla Herrera*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-114
Research Article: The Effect of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria on the Characteristics of Galotyri Cheese
Zoidou Evangelia*, Karageorgos Dimitrios, Massouras Theophilos and Anifantakis Emmanuel
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-113
Mini Review: Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids as Dietary Supplements: Biological Activities and Sources
Derell Hardman and Stylianos Fakas*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-112
Mini Review: Paradoxical Obesity and Intracranial Aneurysms: A Mini Review
Patricia Bozzetto Ambro*, Marcelo Moraes Valenç, Carlos Augusto Carvalho de Vasconcelos
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-111
Research Article: Gender Differences in the Alteration of Obesogenic Environments in Korean Children According to GNB3 Polymorphism
Yunkyoung Lee, Seong-min Park and Myoungsook Lee*
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Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-110
Research Article: Vitamin D Levels in an Obese Population, before and after Bariatric Surgery
Ana Tavares, BMPM Oliveira, A Varela, P Freitas, António Raposo* and Flora Correia
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-109
Review Article: Role of S-adenosylmethionine in the Modulation of Oxidative Stress- Related Neurodegeneration
Rosaria A. Cavallaro, Andrea Fuso, Maria d’Erme, Niccolò Miraglia, Sara Martire, Sigfrido Scarpa, Luciana Mosca*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-108
Research Article: Lactobacillus Paracasei NFRI 7415 Reduces Liver Lipid Contents in C57BL/6J Mice Fed a High-fat Diet
Noriko Komatsuzaki*, Yumiko Yamada, Yukihide Ueki, Jun Shima and Shunichi Morikawa
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-107
Research Article: Increased C-Reactive Protein and Weight Loss are Associated with The Inability to Switch from Tube Feeding to Oral Intake in Patients with Cerebrovascular Disease
Eiji Kose*, Manabu Toyoshima and Hiroyuki Hayashi
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  2: IJCND-106
Review Article: Health Beliefs of People with Type 2 Diabetes in Primary Health Care in Muscat, Oman: A Qualitative Approach
Lyutha Al Subhi*, Patricia Kendall, Mohammed Al-Shafaee and Samir Al-Adawi
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  1: IJCND-105
Commentary: Micronutrients Delivery: The Unwritten Conundrum
Kok-Ping Chan
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  1: IJCND-104
Commentary: Exercise and Diet: The Unmentionable Truth
Ilaria Peluso
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  1: IJCND-103
Research Article: Plasma Concentrations of GLP-1 and PYY in Rats Fed Dietary Fiber Depend on the Fermentability of Dietary Fiber and Respond to an Altered Diet
Ryoko Shimada, Miki Yoshimura, Kaori Murakami and Kiyoshi Ebihara*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  1: IJCND-102
Research Article: Fast Estimation Method of Dietary Exposure to Carcinogenic Compounds in Cooked Meat for Individual Consumer Use
Wojciech Kolanowski* and Joanna Trafialek
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  1: IJCND-101
Research Article: Mobile Artisanal Cheese Vending in Small Street Markets of Gran Canaria
Maria del Pino Sánchez, Dácil Lugo, Rafael Millán, Abel Verdú, António Raposo*, Esther Sanjuán and Conrado Carrascosa