Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  6: IJNCD-153
Research Article: Eating & Drinking a Substance More Than 25 Times the Optimal Dose Becomes Highly Toxic. Very Important Role of Optimal Dose of Vitamin-D3 and Clothes You Wear in the Fight Against Malignancies Including Glioblastoma and Cancers of Breast, Lung, and Pancreas as well as Loss of Control of Infection du
Yoshiaki Omura*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  6: IJCND-152
Research Article: Effects of Pine Bark Extract on Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults: A Randomized Double-blind Crossover Study
Cheng-Dien Hsu, Li-Hsuan Hsieh, Ya-Ling Chen, I-Cheng Lin, Ying-Ru Chen, Chih-Chi Chen and Suh-Ching Yang*
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Research Article: Food System Dynamics in Rural Environments and Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
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Mini Review: Microalgae as Alternative Sources of Poly-unsaturated Fatty Acids and Antioxidants for Cosmetic Use
Gam Da Hye, Song Yi Kim, Ji Woo Hong, Jun Hee Lee, Sayaka Immanura and Jin Woo Kim*
Special IssueInt J Clin Nutr Diet,  6: IJCND-149
Case Study: The Application of Essential Oils in Edible Coating: Case of Study on Two Fresh Cut Products
Valeria Rizzo* and Giuseppe Muratore
Special IssueInt J Clin Nutr Diet,  5: IJCND-148
Research Article: Thermomechanical Texturing by Instant Controlled Pressure-Drop DIC or How to Dramatically Intensify both Polyphenol Extraction and Antioxidant Activity of Algerian Myrtle Leaves
Baya Berka, Colette Besombes , Aicha Hassani and Karim Allaf*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  5: IJCND-147
Research Article: Specific Binding Properties of Mongolian Milk Whey Proteins to Hydrophobic Molecules as Lipocalin
Takanori Satoh*, Narumi Maegawa, Natsumi Yoshioka, Mayu Kanamoto, Yui Hamaji, Zesem Ichinkhorloo, Ganbat Orgilbayar, Logii Narantsetseg, Janlav Munkhtsetseg and Makoto Ohashi
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Mini Review: Zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a Model for Research On the Pathogenesis of Obesity and Its Treatments
Da Hye Gam, Song Yi Kim, Ji Woo Hong and Jin Woo Kim*
Int J Clin Nutr Diet,  5: IJCND-145
Research Article: Bio-efficiencies of Probiotic Yoghurt and Fermented Sour Sobya Supplements on Gut Microbial Health and other Associated Health Biomarkers Among Egyptian Pre-school to School Age Children
Rania Bassuoni, Magda Soliman, Laila Hussein*, Mohammed T Fouad, Mohamed A Arafa and Ashraf A Abd El-Meged
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Original Article: Stirred Yoghurts Fortified with Colostrum-Influence of Colostrum Addition on its Acidification Process and Rheological Properties
Adriana Bomba*, Andrzej Babuchowski, Krzysztof Borawski and Maciej Kotowski
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Research Article: Folate Deficiency and Prevalence of Neural Tube Defects [NTDs] in Georgia
Robizon Tsiklauri*, P. Imnadze, L. Jijeishvili, J. Morgan. N. Saganelidze