• Graphy Publications is an open access publisher that enables dissemination of most significant peer-reviewed biological, medical, technology and management journals in the respective fields.
  • Graphy Publications publishes online, open access journals covering all fields in Science, Technology & Medicine. All of the original research articles published in our journals made available online immediately and permanently without charges or any other barriers to access.
  • Graphy Publications provides ideal platform for thousands of scholarly brains to come together for development of science & technology.
  • Graphy Publications strongly support the open Access. The abstract & full length articles published by Graphy Publications are free access after immediate publication in (HTML, PDF & Digital) format.
  • Graphy Publications is committed to maintaining high standards through full and stringent peer review process of all the articles which comes under publication.
  • All the works published under Graphy Publications under the term of Creative commons Attribution License. This allows to copy, distribute, transmit and adopt work , if it is the original work and source is appropriately cited & Supports Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing.
  • We strongly believe by reducing the barriers that restrict access to knowledge, Open Access maximize the opportunity for publications to be read and for authors to be recognized for their contribution in their chosen field and beyond.
  • Sharing large amount scientific information through Open Access, we support the global scientific niche so that they can come up with their most effective product for present and feature generation.
  • Graphy Publications supports PubMed Central and other digital repositories, and encourages self-archiving by authors.

Open Access is the way to publish scholarly information and available it online to anyone in the world, at absolutely free of cost.