International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Volume 3 (2016), Article ID 3:IJPSR-111, 6 pages
Research Article
Suppressive Activity of Glucosamine Hydrochloride on Nitric Oxide Production from Synoviocytes In Vitro

Chiharu Ohta1, Asako Yamada2, Kuniko Yufune1 and Kazuhito Asano3*

1Graduate School of Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences, Showa University Graduate School, Yokohama, Japan
2Division of Nursing, Showa University Rehabilitation Hospital, Showa University, Yokohama, Japan
3Division of Physiology, School of Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences, Showa University, Yokohama, Japan
Prof. Kazuhito Asano, Division of Physiology, School of Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences, Showa University, 1865 Touka-Ichiba, Midori-Ku, Yokohama 226-8555, Japan; E-mail:
16 November 2015; 17 January 2016; 19 January 2016
Ohta C, Yamada A, Yufune K, Asano K (2016) Suppressive Activity of Glucosamine Hydrochloride on Nitric Oxide Production from Synoviocytes In Vitro. Int J Pharma Sci Res 3: 111. doi:


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