International Journal of Mechanical Systems Engineering Volume 1 (2015), Article ID 1:IJMSE-107, 8 pages
Research Article
Stresses in Curved Beams Made of Heterogeneous Materials

László Kiss and György Szeidl*

Department of Mechanics, University of Miskolc, H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Hungary
Dr. György Szeidl, University of Miskolc, Institute of Applied Mechanics, H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Hungary; E-mail:
30 March 2015; 31 October 2015; 05 November 2015
Kiss L, Szeidl G (2015) Stresses in Curved Beams Made of Heterogeneous Materials. Int J Mech Syst Eng 1: 107. doi:


The main objective of the present paper is a generalization of some classical results for curved beams made of heterogeneous materials. We consider a beam made of nonhomogeneous, isotropic, linearly elastic material. The elastic parameters depend on the cross-sectional coordinates only. Our investigations include the determination of the normal stress (i.e., the generalization of the Grashof formula), the shearing stress and the curvature change. Interestingly, our newly established formulae have the same structure as the classical ones. We conclude with numerical examples which illustrate the applicability of our results.