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Int J Mech Syst Eng,  3: IJMSE-125
Research Article: Single Loop Electrochemical Potentiokinetic Reactivation Behaviour of Continuously Cooled SUS329J4L Duplex Stainless Steel
Rongguang Wang*, Masanobu Imagawa, Masaharu Honda and Hideki Fukuhara
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  3: IJMSE-124
Commentary: Aerosol Laboratory
Hui-Ru Shih* and Mohammed Ali
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  3: IJMSE-123
Original Article: Estimation of Occupancy in a Naturally Ventilated Room using Bayesian Method Based on CO2 Concentration
Haolia Rahman and Hwataik Han*
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  3: IJMSE-122
Review Article: Various Robots Made from Piezoelectric Materials and Electroactive Polymers: A Review
Jung-Woo Sohn and Seung-Bok Choi*
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  3: IJMSE-121
Case Study: Meta-model Based Approach to Minimize the Springback in Sheet Metal Forming
Praveen Kumar S P and Seok-Soon Lee*
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-120
Research Article: Effect of the Magnetic Field on the Flow of a Liquid Metal and Heat Transfer in a Curved Cylindrical Annular Duct with Uniform Wall Temperatures
Panteleimon A. Bakalis* and Pavlos M. Hatzikonstantinou
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-119
Research Article: Dynamic Behavior of Functionally Graded Beams in Thermal Environment due to a Moving Harmonic Load
Thanh Huong Trinh, Van Tuyen Bui, Ngoc Huyen Nguyen, DinhKien Nguyen and Buntara S. Gan*
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-118
Research Article: Heat Transfer and Flow Analyses of Heat Exchanger for Plateau Engineering Machinery
Cai Huikun*, Zhang Yinliang, Hou Liang, He Tianfu and Liao Yidai
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-117
Research Article: Modeling and Adaptive Backstepping Control for Quadrotor Robots with Blade Flapping
Lih-Chang Lin* and Wen-Cong Xu
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-116
Research Article: Multiple-fault Diagnosis of Car Engines Using Fuzzy Sparse Bayesian Extreme Learning Machine
Pak Kin Wong
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-115
Research Article: Application of FSW to Join Aluminium Foil Winding Coils for Electrical Transformers
Pedro Vilaça*, Joel Mendes, Filipe Nascimento, Luísa Quintino
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-114
Research Article: New Design of Flat-Proof Non-Pneumatic Tire
Sadok Sassi*, Mohamed Ebrahemi, Musab Al Mozien and Yousef El Hadary
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-113
Research Article: Minimization of Impulse Response of Dynamic Structures Using A Ground-Hooked Dynamic Vibration Absorber
You Lin Cheung and Waion Wong*
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-112
Review Article: Combination of Homogeneous Electro-rheological Fluid and Multi- Electrodes Damper for A Better Control of Car Suspension Motion
Sadok Sassi* and Khaled Cherif
Int J Mech Syst Eng,  2: IJMSE-111
Review Article: Fea and 3D Printing, the Perfect Match?
Steinar Killi* and Andrew Morrison