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Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-298
Original Article: Characteristics of‘Nurse-physician Collaboration' as Perceived by Nurses at an Emergency Care Centre in Japan
Kanako Honda* and Emiko Takamizawa
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-297
Research Article: The Lived Experiences of Undergraduate Nursing Students Learning Drug Dosage Calculation
Marie-Bernard Lazare
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-296
Original Article: Early Intervention to Support Parenting during Pregnancy: Improving Parent-Child Interactions
Mami Sonobe*, Masami Usui and Taiko Hirose
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-295
Original Article: The Effect of Bundle Adaptation Control on VAP Speed and Length of Hospital Stay in Avoiding the Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) at Anesthesia Intensive Care Unit
Şerife Karagözoğlu*, Fatma Tok Yildiz, Sinan Gürsoy, Zuhal Gülsoy, Burcu Kübra Süha, Hülya Koçyiğit, Nazif Elaldi and Gonca Arslan
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-294
Research Article: Perception on Early Antenatal Booking by Women Attending Clinic in the Western Region in The Gambia
Rachel Mendy*, Veronica Njie and Jainaba Sey Sawo
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-293
Research Article: Perceptions and Acceptance of Levonorgestrel Implants among Family Planning Clients within greater Banjul Area, The Gambia
Isatou Dampha*, Momodou Jasseh and Jainaba Sey-Sawo
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-292
Original Article: Multiple Aspects of Expanding the Accuracy of Axillary Temperature Measurement Methods
Kimiko Kawata* and Yoko Shimamatsu
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-291
Mini Review: The Nuts & Bolts of Developing a Global Health Course
Sharon K. Byrne
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-290
Research Article: Effectiveness of an Adaptive Quizzing System as a Self-Regulated Study Tool to Improve Nursing Students' Learning
E’loria Simon-Campbell and Julia C. Phelan*
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-289
Research Article: Hearing Voices: The Experience of Associate Degree Nursing Students to an Auditory Hallucinations Simulation
Sylvia Stevens
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-288
Research Article: Peer Support for Women with Antenatal Depression
Fiona Cust* and Ruth Carter
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-287
Research Article: Moving Beyond Written Reinforcement: Using Video Skill Clips to Reinforce Pediatric Patient Education and Increase Caregiver Confidence
Mary A. Grady
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  5: IJNCP-286
Research Article: The Reality of Making a Medication Administration Error in Nursing Practice: Nurses Share Their Lived Experiences
Seema Lall
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  4: IJNCP-249
Original Article: Prevalence of Alzheimer Disease in Hospitalized Patients with Congestive Heart Failure
Priscilla O. Okunji*, Ngwa JS, Enwerem NM, Karavatas SG, Fungwe TV, Obisesan TO
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  4: IJNCP-248
Review Article: Tick-Borne Diseases: Identification, Management and Prevention
Anna-Marie Wellins
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  4: IJNCP-247
Original Article: Physical Activity Characteristics of Sudanese Immigrant Children
Mohammad H. Alasagheirin* and Kathleen M. Clark
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  4: IJNCP-246
Review Article: Experience of Protagonists in Workplace Bullying: An Integrated Literature Review
April L. Jones