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Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  6: IJNCP-307
Research Article: Spiritual Perspectives and Comfort Levels of African American Families and Mental Health Nurses within the Context of Depression
Lydia Figueroa
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Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  6: IJNCP-306
Original Article: A Motivational Profile of Nurses Pursuing Doctoral Education
Tomekia Yvette Luckett
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  6: IJNCP-305
Review Article: The Current Status of Ethical Judgment Capacity and Ethical Training Regarding Continuous Nursing Education
Emi Yoshioka* and Sayuri Kaneko
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  6: IJNCP-304
Research Article: Examining the Relationships between the TEAS' Score, BSN Matriculation and NCLEX-RN Pass Rate
Cordelia Chinwe Nnedu* and Marilyn Stanford Davis