Special IssueInt J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-325
Research Article: Training Needs and Issues Recognized by Public Health Nurses Involved in Prevention of Child Abuse
Hiroko Hashimoto* and Kumi Takahashi
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-324
Study Protocol: Exploring Nursing Student Self-esteem and its Relationship to Clinical Competence Development: Protocol for A Multiphase Convergent Mixed Methods Study
Jacinthe Dancot*, Benoît Pétré, Pascal Detroz, Rémi Gagnayre, Nadia Dardenne, Anne-Françoise Donneau and Michèle Guillaume
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-323
Mini Review: Evoked Potential as a Pain Evaluation Index for Neonatal Procedural Pain
Yui Shiroshita*, Hikari Kirimoto, Kei Nakagawa, Hiroko Uematsu and Ikuko Sobue
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-322
Original Reports: Validity of the Dialog Preference Scale for Nurses' Communication with Older People in Japan
Hiroko Shimizu
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-321
Research Article: Clinical Nurse Educators' Experiences on Instructing Student Nurses With Disabilities (SWD's) in the Clinical Arena
Anita Jennings*, Paula Crawford-Dickinson and Epstein I
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-320
Short Communication: Suggestions for Protecting Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Outpatient Chemotherapy and Their Families Against the Exposure Risk from Salivary Cyclophosphamide
Tomoe Makino, Noboru Hasegawa*, Riho Takizawa, Chisato Matsumoto, Takanori Wagatsuma, Keiko Yabushita, Hiroko Kubo and KenjiroAogi
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-319
Research Article: Evaluation of a T2DM Lifestyle Modification Counseling Program to Improve Patient Engagement in Diabetes Self-Care in a Community Mental Health Clinic
Grace Adeola Adepoju
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-318
Case Study: Vitamin D3 Supplementation Ameliorates Typical Clinical Symptoms in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Japan: A Case Study
Noboru Hasegawa*, Takako Yamada and Miyako Mochizuki
Int J Nurs Clin Pract,  7: IJNCP-317
Systematic Reviews: Nurses' Perspective of Patient Advocacy: A Systematic Mixed Studies Review
Usama Saleh*, Ahmad Aboshayga, Tom O’Conner, Moath Saleh, Declan Patton and Ailyn May G. Ampang
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