Prof. Sharon L. Van Sell
College of Nursing
Texas Woman's University
United States

Designation: Professor

Research Interest: Biomedical computing with nurmetrics and computational nursing Integration of virtual and high fidelity simulations into transprofessional practice Application of basic vocabulary in nursing education Foundational leadership knowledge for domestic and international nurses The Complexity Integration Nursing Theory

Biography: Dr. Sharon L. Van Sell is a distinguished nurse educator, international scholar and researcher as well as a nursing visionary. Dr. Van Sell is a tenured full professor at Texas Woman’s University, Dallas, TX, USA. Dr. Van Sell earned a B.S.N. and a M.Ed. in Health Education from Memphis State University in Tennessee, a M.S. in Nursing Administration from the University of Colorado, and an Ed.D in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Denver. Dr. Van Sell has specific areas of clinical expertise in nursing administration, nursing research, and nursing education. Dr. Van Sell identify basic vocabulary as a knowledge deficit for the English as a Second Language student and the learning disabled nursing student; to conceptualize and introduce Evidence-based High Fidelity Human Patient Simulation as a disruptive innovation for a teaching strategy. A vision for education resulted included a process for facilitating an essential shift in critical thinking for graduate nursing students by laying the foundation of thought through nursing theory for the development of differential diagnosis in the clinical setting; and to influence improvement in international nursing education. Dr. Van Sell is recognized by the nursing profession through her extensive writing including peer-reviewed articles, books, and other publications totaling in excess of 84 publications, and she received the American Journal of Nursing Books of the Year Award. Dr. Van Sell is a founding editorial board member for the Family and Community Health Journal and has served on the editorial board of multiple international peer-reviewed nursing journals. Dr. Van Sell serves on the Civil Service Commission Board for Dallas, TX; was selected as an International Research Scholar by the Turkish Science and Technology Institute, and she has received multiple awards for excellence in teaching and research. In addition, Dr. Van Sell is distinguished as a recipient of numerous funded research grants.