International Journal of Surgery & Surgical Procedures Volume 3 (2018), Article ID 3:IJSSP-129, 3 pages
Original Article
A New Single-row Cruciate Suture Anchor Repair for Rotator Cuff Tears

Jarrad Stevens1,*, Louise Richardson2, Tony Sobol1, Martin Richardson1,2

1Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Australia
2Epworth Health Care, Musculoskeletal Clinical Institute, Victoria, Australia
Dr. Jarrad Stevens, Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Australia; E-mail:
03 November 2017; 12 February 2018; 14 February 2018
Stevens J, Richardson L, Sobol T, Richardson M (2018) Surgical Technique: A New Single-row Cruciate Suture Anchor Repair for Rotator Cuff Tears. Int J Surg Surgical Porced 3: 129.


This paper will present the technique for a novel suture anchor configuration used in the management of rotator cuff tears. The senior author (MR) developed this technique, involving single-row cruciate sutures, to increase the footprint contact surface area while creating a desirable tensile pressure between the suture and tendon. Biomechanical studies of this technique have demonstrated a mean footprint contact area of 253mm2 while maintaining a contact pressure of 0.78Mo. In addition to its biomechanical validity, this simple configuration is easy to master, amenable to healing and not prone to cut out. The use of a single-row anchor also decreases the comparable cost with double-row techniques.