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Special IssueInt J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-126
Original Article: Simplified Invagination Pancreatojejunostomy During Pancreatoduodenectomy Which can be Safe in the Training of Young Surgeons
Kazuaki Shibuya, Takahiro Einama*, Hironori Abe, Ryo Kanazawa, Takashi Suzuki, Fumihiko Matsuzawa, Khor Lee Wee, Akinobu Taketomi and Kyuno Kenichi
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-125
Mini Review: Urinary Helicobacter pylori infection: An Expanding Horizon
Mohammed S. Al-Marhoon
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-124
Commentary: A Novel Anastomosis after Ilecolic Resection for Crohn's Disease
Gaetano Luglio
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-123
Review Article: Tumor Profiling-Directed Precision Cancer Therapy - Comparison of Commercial and Academic Clinical Utility
Jaak Janssens*, William M. Gallagher, Andrew Dean, Giovanni Ussia and Gordon Stamp
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-122
Original Article: The Clinical and Pathological Features of Colorectal Cancer in Tabuk Region, Saudi Arabia: Trends in the Young and Elderly Patients
Ahmad A. A. Abdullah Omer
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-121
Case Report: The Use of Supratrochlear Artery Based Myofascial Forehead Flap for Treatment of a Rhinophyma Case
Umut Tuncel*, Murat Gümüs and Alper Kurt
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-120
Original Article: Open Appendectomy in Children: Double Ligation Versus Stump Inversion
Murat Sanal
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-119
Case Report: Original Surgical Repair for an Adult Pectus Excavatum Patient: A Case Report
Ryuta Fukai*, Hiroshi Iida and Yoshihito Irie
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-118
Methodology: Surgical Technique and Results of Double-door Laminoplasty at the Cervical Spine (Kurokawa's Method)-Focusing on the Change of Sagittal Alignment
Shigeru Hirabayashi
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-117
Mini Review: The Significance of a Nuclear Protein as a Moonlight Protein: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Potentials in Liver Transplantation
Shigeru Goto*, Toshiaki Nakano*, Li-Wen Hsu, Kuei-Chen Chiang, Yayoi Shimada, Takeshi Goto, Naoya Ohmori, Shuji Sato, Yuki Takaoaka, Yasuo Magari, Seiji Kawamoto and Chao-Long Chen*
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-116
Original Article: Utility of Draining Fluid Collections Following Mesh Ventral Hernia Repair
Maureen P. Kohi*, Ryan Kohlbrenner, Evan Lehrman, Andrew G. Taylor, Kanti P. Kolli, Robert K. Kerlan Jr and Nicholas Fidelman