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Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-138
Original Article: Vertebral Artery Injuries in Patients with Blunt Cervical Spine Injury
Fumiaki Wakita, Maiko Esaki, Kenichiro Uchida and Yasumitsu Mizobata*
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-137
Case Report: Closed Total Talar Dislocation with Associated Tarsal Fractures: Case Report and a Review of the Literature
Andrew Chia Chen Chou* and Mohan Tiruchittampalam
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-136
Case Report: Post-thyroidectomy Neck Hematoma 10 Days after Hemithyroidectomy and Ipsilateral Parathyroidectomy: A Case Report with Dramatical Course
Gerd Wimmer*, Beatrice Häussler, Martin Eberwein, Dietmar Öfner-Velano and Rupert Prommegger
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-135
Commentary: MOHS Microscopically Controlled Surgery: Should it be the Routine Surgical Treatment for Non-melanoma Periocular Malignancies?
Ana Martínez-Palmer
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-134
Original Article: Periocular Microscopically Controlled Surgery and Reconstruction Trends in Nonmelanoma Skin Malignancies: A Single Institution Retrospective Review
Fernando Dolz-Güerri*, Ana Martínez-Palmer, Miguel Castilla Martí and Marta Calsina-Prat
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-133
Case Report: Successful Treatment of a Transsphincteric Perianal Fistula Using a Combination of the FiLAC and Lift Techniques
Georgios K. Georgiou
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-132
Case Report: A Case Report of Conjunctival Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Patient Wearing an Ocular Prosthesis
Randa Falah*, Ana Martinez Palmer, Yasmin Arely Cartagena Guardado, Marta Calsina Prat
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-131
Case Report: Intraoperative Neuroendovascular Rescue Therapy for Severe Donor Artery Vasospasm In Superficial Temporal Artery-Middle Cerebral Artery Bypass Surgery: A Case Report
Szu-Kai Hsu and I-Chang Su*
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-130
Original Reports: Management of Type II Odontoid Fractures OBAV: About A Series of 5 Cases and Literature Review
Noukhoum Koné*, Aderehim Haidara, Marialaura Giamundo and Angelo Rusconi
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  3: IJSSP-129
Original Article: A New Single-row Cruciate Suture Anchor Repair for Rotator Cuff Tears
Jarrad Stevens*, Louise Richardson, Tony Sobol and Martin Richardson
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-128
Case Study: Maxillofacial Fractures in Elderly Patients
Hiroaki Takakura, Tsuyoshi Shimo, Norie Yoshioka, Mayumi Yao, Kyoichi Obata, Soichiro Ibaragi, Tatsuo Okui, Yuki Kunisada, Ayaka Morisawa, Akane Shibata, Shoko Yoshida, Yurika Murase, Koji Kishimoto, Akiyoshi Nishiyama, Hiroshi Mese and Akira Sasaki
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-127
Case Report: Page Kidney Phenomenon following Kidney Graft Biopsy: A Medical Emergency
Jackie Mak* and Bulang He
Special IssueInt J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-126
Original Article: Simplified Invagination Pancreatojejunostomy During Pancreatoduodenectomy Which can be Safe in the Training of Young Surgeons
Kazuaki Shibuya, Takahiro Einama*, Hironori Abe, Ryo Kanazawa, Takashi Suzuki, Fumihiko Matsuzawa, Khor Lee Wee, Akinobu Taketomi and Kyuno Kenichi
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-125
Mini Review: Urinary Helicobacter pylori infection: An Expanding Horizon
Mohammed S. Al-Marhoon
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-124
Commentary: A Novel Anastomosis after Ilecolic Resection for Crohn's Disease
Gaetano Luglio
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-123
Review Article: Tumor Profiling-Directed Precision Cancer Therapy - Comparison of Commercial and Academic Clinical Utility
Jaak Janssens*, William M. Gallagher, Andrew Dean, Giovanni Ussia and Gordon Stamp
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-122
Original Article: The Clinical and Pathological Features of Colorectal Cancer in Tabuk Region, Saudi Arabia: Trends in the Young and Elderly Patients
Ahmad A. A. Abdullah Omer
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-121
Case Report: The Use of Supratrochlear Artery Based Myofascial Forehead Flap for Treatment of a Rhinophyma Case
Umut Tuncel*, Murat Gümüs and Alper Kurt
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-120
Original Article: Open Appendectomy in Children: Double Ligation Versus Stump Inversion
Murat Sanal
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-119
Case Report: Original Surgical Repair for an Adult Pectus Excavatum Patient: A Case Report
Ryuta Fukai*, Hiroshi Iida and Yoshihito Irie
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-118
Methodology: Surgical Technique and Results of Double-door Laminoplasty at the Cervical Spine (Kurokawa's Method)-Focusing on the Change of Sagittal Alignment
Shigeru Hirabayashi
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-117
Mini Review: The Significance of a Nuclear Protein as a Moonlight Protein: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Potentials in Liver Transplantation
Shigeru Goto*, Toshiaki Nakano*, Li-Wen Hsu, Kuei-Chen Chiang, Yayoi Shimada, Takeshi Goto, Naoya Ohmori, Shuji Sato, Yuki Takaoaka, Yasuo Magari, Seiji Kawamoto and Chao-Long Chen*
Int J Surg Surgical Proced,  2: IJSSP-116
Original Article: Utility of Draining Fluid Collections Following Mesh Ventral Hernia Repair
Maureen P. Kohi*, Ryan Kohlbrenner, Evan Lehrman, Andrew G. Taylor, Kanti P. Kolli, Robert K. Kerlan Jr and Nicholas Fidelman