International Journal of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Volume 6 (2020), Article ID 6:IJPTR-162, 4 pages
Original Article
Special Issue: Various Approaches for Rehabilitation Science-Vol II
Determining a Cut-off Point for Evaluating the Ability of Activities of Daily Living Using the Short Physical Performance Battery Score in Older Adults Requiring Care

Daisuke Takagi1,*, Masatoshi Kageyama2,3 and Akihiro Morikami4

1Department of Physical Therapy, Health Science University: 7187 Kodachi Fujikawaguchiko-Town, Yamanashi, Japan
2Long-Term Care Health Facilities Sunrise, Ohama
3Graduate School, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Cooperative Major in Medical Photonics (Doctoral Course), Japan
4Laboratory of Physiology, School of Health Sciences, Toyohashi SOZO University, Japan
Daisuke Takagi, Department of Physical Therapy, Health Science University 7187 Kodachi Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi, 401- 0380, Japan, Phone No: +81 555-83-5295, Fax No: +81 555-83-5299; E-mail:
01 June 2020; 27 June 2020; 29 June 2020
Takagi D, Kageyama M, Morikami A (2020) Determining a Cut-off Point for Evaluating the Ability of Activities of Daily Living Using the Short Physical Performance Battery Score in Older Adults Requiring Care. Int J Phys Ther Rehab 6: 162. doi:


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