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Int J Phys Ther Rehabil,  4: IJPTR-145
Review Article: Functional Bladder and Bowel Problems: How to Treat Them?
Bakker E*, Segers N, Claes M, Palinckx A and Bael A
Int J Phys Ther Rehabil,  4: IJPTR-144
Original Article: The Effect of Breast Size on Physical Fitness, Body Image and Physical Activity Level in University Studentes
Ferdiye Zabit, Gozde Iyigun, Sevim Öksüz* and Huseyin Pekeren
Special IssueInt J Phys Ther Rehabil,  4: IJPTR-143
Research Article: Streptozotocin-induced Diabetes Causes Crucial Morphological Changes in Abdominal Motoneurons and Muscles of Rats
Naomi Oshiro, Ken Muramatsu, Toru Tamaki, Masatoshi Niwa*
Int J Phys Ther Rehabil,  4: IJPTR-142
Original Article: Accuracy and Stability of Crossing Motion in Older Adults: With Focus on the Knee Joint
Yusuke Maeda* and Akihiko Hanafusa
Special IssueInt J Phys Ther Rehabil,  4: IJPTR-141
Short Communication: Effects of Cooling on Tactile Sense Sensitivities and Sensory Nerve Conduction Velocity: A Preliminary Study
Junya Komagata*, Toru Tamaki, Akihiro Ashikawa and Ken Muramatsu
Int J Phys Ther Rehabil,  4: IJPTR-140
Research Article: Physical Assessment of Sternal Stability Following a Median Sternotomy for Cardiac Surgery: Validity and Reliability of the Strnal Instability Scale (SIS)
Doa El-Ansary*, Gordon Waddington, Linda Denehy, Margaret McManus, Louise Fuller, Md Ali Katijjahbe and Roger Adams
Special IssueInt J Phys Ther Rehabil,  4: IJPTR-139
Research Article: The Threshold for Favorable Outcome should be Set According to Functional Independence Measure Score at Admission in Logistic Regression Analysis
Makoto Tokunaga*, Hirotaka Tanaka, Naoshi Nishimura, Katsunobu Sugihara and Hiroshi Kamoshita