International Journal of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Volume 2 (2016), Article ID 2:IJPTR-122, 5 pages
Research Article
The Effect of Nordic Pole Walking on Chronic Low Back, Hip, and/or Knee Pain on Walking and on Distance Walked - A Prospective Community Study in Ambulatory People Over Age 60

Donald S Silverberg1*, Craig A. Goodman2 and Alexander Prejserowicz3

1Nephrologist (retired) Tel Aviv Medical Center and Professor of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel
2Psychologist, Lev Hasharon Mental Health Medical Center, Netanya, Israel
3Certified Instructor in Nordic Walking, Israel
Prof. Donald Silverberg , Nephrologist (retired) and Professor of Medicine emeritus, Tel Aviv Medical Center and Tel Aviv University, Israel; E-mail:
24 October 2016; 03 December 2016; 05 December 2016
Silverberg DS, Goodman CA, Prejserowicz A (2016) The Effect of Nordic Pole Walking on Chronic Low Back, Hip, and/or Knee Pain on Walking and on Distance Walked - A Prospective Community Study in Ambulatory People Over Age 60. Int J Phys Ther Rehab 2: 122. doi:


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