International Journal of Gynecology & Clinical Practices Volume 5 (2018), Article ID 4:IJGCP-141, 4 pages
Case Study
"One cut Technique" - Simultaneous Reduction of Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood

Rafal Kuzlik

SaskaMed Clinic, 05-077 Warszawa, Poland
Dr. Rafal Kuzlik, SaskaMed Clinic, 05-077 Warszawa, Poland; E-mail:
05 September 2018; 24 October 2018; 26 October 2018
Kuzlik R (2018) "One cut Technique" - Simultaneous Reduction of Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood. Int J Gynecol Clin Pract 5: 141. doi:


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