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Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-131
Original Article: The French Ambulatory Cesarean Section: Technique and Interest
Ami Olivier*, Fauck Mathieu, Simon Bénédicte, Benhamou Richard, Caraco Jean-Jacques, Velemir Luka, Manhes Hubert, Menard Agnes, Ravina Jacques Henri and Fauck Denis
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-130
Research Article: Coping with Menopausal Aging-Related Challenges in The Rural Villages of Limpopo Province, South Africa
Nditsheni J. Ramakuela
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-129
Research Article: New Exclusive Innovation Model of Obstetrical Pessary by Dr. Schneiderman: Preventtion and Treatment of Cervical Insufficiency and Habitual Abortion
Schneiderman M*, Kalinina E, Yarotskaya E, V.Yavelsky and Sukhikh G
Special IssueInt J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-128
Research Article: Is Tumor Size a Predictor of Survival in Stage IIA Cervical Cancer? A Comparison Between the Old and the New FIGO Staging Criteria
Yong Kuei Lim*, Hui Xian Chin, Xiao Hui Lin, Kwai Lam Yam, Yin Nin Chia, Hoon Seng Khoo Tan, Ming Chert Richard Yeo, Swee Peng Yap, Lay Tin Soh and Eu Jin Chua
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-127
Letters to the Editor: Meaning of Hippocratic Oath in Modern Medicine and Medical Sciences
Konrad Futyma
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-126
Original Article: A New Technique for Minimizing Cervical Trauma and Enhancing Surgical Performance in Gynecological Procedures Requiring Cervical Dilatation
Ayman S. Dawood* and Mohamed A. Raslan
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-125
Case Report: Induced Labour in Women with Scarred Uterus in Developing Country: Analysis of 118 Cases at Lagune Mother-Child University Hospital (HOMEL) in Cotonou, Benin
Dénakpo JL*, Hounkponou F, Aguemon C, Hounkpatin B, Mbombi-Pandi, Bagnan L, Sambieni O, Zocli E, Hounton S and Perrin RX
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-124
Review Article: En Bloc Resection as a Potential Survival Factor for Surgical Treatment of Patients with Advanced Ovarian Cancer
Mall Eltermaa, Khalid El Khalfaoui, Adetutu Salau, Zaher Halwani*
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-123
Case Report: Lost and Found: A Case of Continued Migration of an IUD Allowing for Removal via Cystoscopy
Alissa Dangel, Katherine Hicks-Courant, Tony Luongo and Tanaz R. Ferzandi*
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-122
Case Report: Neglected Pessary Perforating Small Bowel: A Case Report
Thuraya Al-Badr, Lubna Al-Badr and Ahmed Al-Badr*
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-121
Research Article: The EKC-Model Provides Empathy, Knowledge and Care for Women that Encounter Health issues During the Reproductive Life
Annsofie Adolfsson* and Innen Jordmorfag
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-120
Case Report: Laterally Extended Endopelvic Resection (Leer) and Reconstructive Techniques for Treatment of Locally Advanced Cervix Cancer: A Case Report
Antoni Llueca*, Jose Luis Herraiz, Anna Boucher, Miguel Rodrigo, Anna Serra, Carmen Medina, Miriam Guijarro, Aroha Cañete, Yasmine Mazouzzi, Dolores Piquer, Jordan Barres, Stephan De Francia, Anna Gimeno, Carlos Ferrer, Javier Escrig
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-119
Research Article: Outcome of Fertility after Radical Conservative Surgery in Grade III-IV Endometriosis Lesions: A Retrospective Analysis
Baekelandt Jan*, Vandenbroucke Arne, Aelvoet Chris, Pelckmans Sophie and Bosteels Jan
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-118
Case Report: Choriocarcinoma, A Rare Cause of Antepartum and Postpartum Haemorrhage, Report of A Case and Review of Literature
Frederick Hobenu, Simon Naporo, Leonard Derkyi-Kwarteng and Patrick Kafui Akakpo*
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-117
Review Article: Adolescent and Contraceptive Practices
Matan Elami-Suzin and Joseph G. Schenker*
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-116
Research Article: Prenatal Invasive Fetal Karyotyping in the Era of First Trimester Screening And Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
Christel Eckmann-Scholz*, C. Berninghaus, A. Farrokh, N.Maass and I. Alkatotut
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-115
Research Article: Audit Report on the Clinical Knowledge and Awareness of Molar Pregnancy amongst a Single O&G Cluster in Singapore
Swee Lin Yip* and H Chin
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Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-114
Review Article: Protean Symptoms and Reductive Diagnosis
Shu-Mei Wu, Hui-Ling Lee and Hui-Chu Chiang*
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  3: IJGCP-113
Case Report: Acrocyanosis, Digital Ischemia and Acronecrosis as first manifestations of Endometrial Adenocarcinoma: Case Presentation and Literature Review
Gian Paolo Spinelli*, Evelina Miele, Giuseppe Lo Russo, Belardino Rossi and Silverio Tomao