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Inspiring Innovations & Discoveries
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  5: IJGCP-140
Mini Review: Role of Hysteroscopy in Infertility Assessment
Islam Sidky
Special IssueInt J Gynecol Clin Pract,  5: IJGCP-139
Case Report: Cervical Cancer at a Young Age: Considering Fanconi Anemia as Part of the Clinical Workup
Greta Weaver, Amanda Bruegl, Tanja Pejovic* and Melissa Moffitt
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  5: IJGCP-138
Commentary: Can Metabolomics Aid in the Clinical Management of Preterm Birth?
Ana M. Gil* and Daniela Duarte
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  5: IJGCP-137
Commentary: Mesh or not to Mesh in Female Pelvic Organ Prolapse: This is the Problem!
Giampiero Capobianco*, Pier Luigi Cherchi and Salvatore Dessole
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-136
Review Article: Imaging of Postpartum Uterine Pathology: A Review
Aslı Üçyiğit* and Jemma Johns
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-135
Case Report: Successful Emergency Management of Uterine Scar Dehiscence and Placenta Percreta in 9-Gravida with Six Previous Caesarean Sections and an High Risk of Preterm Delivery
Savone Delia, Piccioni Maria Grazia, Riganelli Lucia, Merlino Lucia, Mariani Marianna, Caccetta Jlenia, Brunelli Roberto and Pecorini Francesco
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-134
Commentary: Characteristics of the Prevention and Treatment of Gynecological Cancer in Japan
Natsumi Saito, Shin Takayama*, Soichiro Kaneko,TakehiroNumata, Minoru Ohsawa, and Tadashi Ishii
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-133
Research Article: Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Techniques in the Radiotherapeutic Management of Left-Sided Breast Cancer-Active Breathing Coordinator vs. Voluntary Breath Hold
Parasuramar A*, DeSmit A and Borg M
Special IssueInt J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-132
Case Report: A New Proposal of Pelvic Floor Reconstruction Using Biosynthetic Mesh after Abdominoperineal Radical Surgery in Gynecological Cancer: A Case Series
Begoña Díaz de-la-Noval*, Ignacio Zapardiel, Shirin Zarbaskhsh Etemandi, Alicia Hernández Gutiérrez, Javier De- Santiago García and Maria Dolores Diestro Tejeda
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-131
Original Article: The French Ambulatory Cesarean Section: Technique and Interest
Ami Olivier*, Fauck Mathieu, Simon Bénédicte, Benhamou Richard, Caraco Jean-Jacques, Velemir Luka, Manhes Hubert, Menard Agnes, Ravina Jacques Henri and Fauck Denis
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-130
Research Article: Management of Neonatal Ovarian Cysts: Clinical Aspects
Francesco Saverio Camoglio, Federica Bianchi, Marta Peretti, Simone Patanè, Spigo Valentina and Zampieri Nicola*
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-129
Research Article: New Exclusive Innovation Model of Obstetrical Pessary by Dr. Schneiderman: Preventtion and Treatment of Cervical Insufficiency and Habitual Abortion
Schneiderman M*, Kalinina E, Yarotskaya E, Yavelsky V and Sukhikh G
Special IssueInt J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-128
Research Article: Is Tumor Size a Predictor of Survival in Stage IIA Cervical Cancer? A Comparison Between the Old and the New FIGO Staging Criteria
Yong Kuei Lim*, Hui Xian Chin, Xiao Hui Lin, Kwai Lam Yam, Yin Nin Chia, Hoon Seng Khoo Tan, Ming Chert Richard Yeo, Swee Peng Yap, Lay Tin Soh and Eu Jin Chua
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-127
Letters to the Editor: Meaning of Hippocratic Oath in Modern Medicine and Medical Sciences
Konrad Futyma
Int J Gynecol Clin Pract,  4: IJGCP-126
Original Article: A New Technique for Minimizing Cervical Trauma and Enhancing Surgical Performance in Gynecological Procedures Requiring Cervical Dilatation
Ayman S. Dawood* and Mohamed A. Raslan