International Journal of Clinical & Medical Microbiology Volume 1 (2016), Article ID 1:IJCMM-103, 5 pages
Research Article
The Role of Tigecycline in the Era with Multi-drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) the Experience of a Medical Center in Taiwan

Mei-Chun Lee1,3, Chien-Hung Lu1, Wei-Ying Lee1 and Chun-Ming Lee2,3,4,5*

1Department of Pharmacy, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
2Division of Infectious Disease, Department of Internal Medicine, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
3Mackay Junior College of Medicine, Nursing, and Management, Taipei, Taiwan
4MacKay Medical College, New Taipei City, Taiwan
5Department of Internal Medicine, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Yunlin County, Taiwan
Chun-Ming Lee, 74, Sinsheng Rd., Huwei Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan, Tel: +886-5-6337333 Fax: +886-5-6325079; E-mail:
23 January 2016; 28 February 2016; 03 March 2016
Lee MC, Lu CH, Lee WY, Lee CM (2016) The Role of Tigecycline in the Era with Multi-drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) the Experience of a Medical Center in Taiwan. Int J Clin Med Microbiol 1: 103. doi:


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