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Inspiring Innovations & Discoveries
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  4: IJMME-141
Research Article: Electrocaloric Effect and Phase Transitions in Ferroelectrics
Dandan Li and Sheng-Guo Lu*
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  4: IJMME-140
Research Article: Fabrication of Ta2O5 Reinforced Ta-based Coatings on Ta Substrates by Laser Cladding
H. Zhang, H. Tang and T.M. Yue*
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-139
Review Article: The Effect of Size on the Distortion Behavior After Carburisation and Quenching Processes of Gears
Koen Decroos*and Marc Seefeldt
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-138
Research Article: Novel Graphene-Silicon Heterostructure Device with a Gate-Controlled Schottky Barrier
Pengfei Zhang, Beibei Guo and Dongyun Wan*
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-137
Commentary: Reactive Oxygen Species in Novel Hydrometallurgical Processes
Yudong Xue, Shili Zheng*, Hao Du, Shaona Wang, Yi Zhang and Wei Jin
Special IssueInt J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-136
Original Article: Inhibition of Bacterial Adhesion using Calcium Phosphate Microspheres Loaded with Protamine
Michiyo Honda*, Yusuke Kawanobe, Hiroshi Uchida and Mamoru Aizawa
Special IssueInt J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-135
Research Article: Improved Fabrication Method for Porous PMMA-titania Composite Photocatalytic Materials
Justin D. Glover, Autumn G. Horne, Jeron D. Crawford and Joel E. Boyd*
Special IssueInt J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-134
Research Article: Electrospun Poly(γ-glutamate)/Silica Hybrids for Tissue Regeneration: Influences of Silane Coupling Agents on Chemistry, Degradation and Florescent Dye Release
Akiko Obata*, Makoto Shimada, Makito Iguchi, Norihiko Iwanaga, Toshihisa Mizuno and Toshihiro Kasuga
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-133
Research Article: Characterization of Silver Powder Produced through Water Atomization and RF Plasma Treatment
Shigehiro Arita, Takashi Ogihara*, Toshihiko Kubo, Yasuhiro Tsubota, Kenji Ohshita, Nobuyoshi Aoyagi, Ryosuke Ueyama, Masahiro Harada and Akio Harada
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-132
Research Article: Control of Ca/P Molar Ratio of Plate-shaped Hydroxyapatite Powders With an a( b)-axis Orientation and Their Thermal Stability
Yuki Mori and Mamoru Aizawa*
Special IssueInt J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-131
Research Article: The Anisotropic High Thermoelectric Performance in (BixSb1-x)2Te3
D. Li*, X. Y. Qin*, X. G. Zhu, J. Zhang*, C. J. Song, H. X. Xin and X. F. Wang
Special IssueInt J Metall Mater Eng,  3: IJMME-130
Research Article: Thermoelectric Properties of Texture-controlled MnSi1.7-based Composite Thin Films
Yosuke Kurosaki*, S. Yabuuchi, A. Nishide, N. Fukatani and J. Hayakawa
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-129
Original Article: Microwave Assisted Calcination of Colemanite Powders
M. Fatih Can, Ahmet Helvaci, Ziya Ozgur Yazici*, Süleyman Akpınar and Yusuf Özdemir
Special IssueInt J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-128
Short Communication: Cutting-edge Bio-interface Engineering for Design and Production of Innovative Bioceramics
Kimihiro Yamashita* and Naohiro Horiuchi
Special IssueInt J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-127
Research Article: An Electrostatic Field on a Bioceramic Growth Surface Suppressed Leiomyosarcoma Cell Proliferation but Accelerated Differentiation
Tatsuya Hattori, Kaori Igarashi, Haruka Miyazaki, Mamoru Aizawa, Keiichi Katayama, Kimihiro Yamashita and Akiko Nagai*
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-126
Case Study: Landfill Waste from the Production of Nickel and Cobalt in the Slovak Republic
Eva Michaeli*, Martin Boltižiar, Vladimír Solár, Jozef Vilček and Monika Ivanová
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-125
Original Article: The Effect of Natural Substance HUMAC Enviro on Reducing the Concentration of Copper and Mercury in Contaminated Soils
Danica Fazekašová*, Juraj Fazekaš, Petra Semancová, Eva Benková and Miroslav Karahuta
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-124
Research Article: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of La20.5MgNi78.5 and La15.5Mg6Ni78.5 Hydrogen Storage Alloys: The Theoretical Models and Their Verifications
Xue-Hui An, Yuepeng Pang, Qin Li, Jie-Yu Zhang, Kuo-Chih Chou, Qian Li*
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-123
Research Article: Effect of Saccharin on the Process and Properties of Nickel Electrodeposition from Sulfate Electrolyte
Yanwei Li*, Jinhuan Yao and Xiaoxi Huang
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-122
Research Article: Effects of Boric Acid Tris-(2-oxo-[1,3]dioxolan-4-ylmethyl) Ester as an Additive on the Electrochemical Performance of Graphite Anode
Dagang Xiao, Jing Liu*, Rujuan Li, Yeping Guo, Chengxing Zong, Donglan Sun and Wei Feng*
Int J Metall Mater Eng,  2: IJMME-121
Research Article: On the Aqueous Recovery of Zinc from Dust and Slags of the Iron and Steel Production Technologies
Terézia Varga, Ljudmilla Bokányi and Tamás I. Török*