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International Journal of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Volume 4 (2018), Article ID 4:IJPTR-145, 6 pages
Review Article
Functional Bladder and Bowel Problems: How to Treat Them?

Bakker E1*, Segers N2, Claes M2, Palinckx A2 and Bael A2

1HE L de Vinci- IES Parnasse-Deux Alice -Unité de Recherche- Avenue Mounier 84- B-1200 Bruxelles, Belgium
2ZNA Kon Paola Kinderziekenhuis- Lindedreef 1 -B-2020 Antwerpen, Belgium
Prof. Els Bakker, HE L de Vinci- IES Parnasse-Deux Alice - Unité de Recherche - Bruxelles, Belgium; E-mail:
25 March 2018; 10 July 2018; 12 July 2018
Bakker E, Segers N, Claes M, Palinckx A, Bael A (2018) Functional Bladder and Bowel Problems: How to Treat Them?. Int J Phys Ther Rehab 4: 145. doi:


In order to achieve urinary and faecal continence an efficient control on both systems is necessary, which means equilibrium between the two important phases of each system: storage and emptying. This implicates not only control of the pelvic floor muscles (contraction and relaxation) but also a correct interpretation of the sensorial information during both functional alternative phases leading to social acceptable responses by “automatic” and voluntary procedures. Those automatic and voluntary responses are part of a learning process.