International Journal of Global Social Work Volume 2 (2019), Article ID 2:IJGSW-104, 4 pages
From Violence to Hope: Psychodrama in the Context of War and Post-war Experience 'Silence and Shame' Part I

Ursula Hauser

Psychotherapy, State University of Costa Rica, 1000 San José, Costa Rica
Dr. Ursula Hauser, Psychotherapy Science, Sigmund Freud University, Vineea, 1020 Wien, Austria; E-mail:
06 January 2019; 16 January 2019; 16 February 2019
Hauser U (2019) From Violence to Hope: Psychodrama in the Context of War and Post-war Experience 'Silence and Shame' Part I. Int J Global Soc Work 2: 104. doi:


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