International Journal of Gynecology & Clinical Practices Volume 5 (2018), Article ID 4:IJGCP-143, 4 pages
Case Study
Does Psychoeducation Encourage Pregnant Women and Positively Influence the Relation between Mother and Baby: A Case-Control Study

Nejla Gultekin

Mersin Sehir Hospital, 33240 Toroslar/Mersin, Turkey
Dr. Nejla Gultekin, Mersin Sehir Hospital, 33240 Toroslar/Mersin, Turkey; E-mail:
21 September 2018; 13 December 2018; 15 December 2018
Gultekin N (2018) Does Psychoeducation Encourage Pregnant Women and Positively Influence the Relation between Mother and Baby: a Case- Control Study. Int J Gynecol Clin Pract 5: 143. doi:


Background: The emotional instability during pregnancy and the cultural negative feedback about normal vaginal delivery influence the tendency to cesarean section. The myth of vaginal delivery should be replaced with evidence based information which was given by professional persons. The coordinated educational program and pilates study in hospitals for pregnant women will encourage women during delivery and peurperal period.
Method: This study was designed as case-control for 1292 pregnant women which visit the obstetric clinic of Mersin Sehir Hospital, Turkey. Case group have 421 and control group have 871 patients. The first goal was for defining of fear about vaginal birth, mode of delivery, satisfaction from pregnancy and delivery, lastly flashback after birth. In addition, secondary goal was determining the unnecessary visit of obstetric clinic in postpartum period, breastfeeding ratio, planning of next pregnancy and choosing of normal vaginal delivery in future birth.
Result: Obviously, the midwife intervention encourages women to have happy, satisfied and successfull pregnancy, delivery and puerperium. However the effectiveness of education program shouldn’t be measured with the cesarean section ratio and the aim of education shouldn‘t be forcing of pregnant women to the normal vaginal delivery. It should be encouraged by programme.
Conclusion: The statistical measurements of emotions will be represented with biases. Besides, the midwife intervention and pilates were seem to be successful programme for pregnant women to neglect the negative effects of delivery without changing of ceaserean numbers.