International Journal of Earth & Environmental Sciences Volume 2 (2017), Article ID 2:IJEES-130, 10 pages
Research Article
Global Budget and Distribution of Peroxyacetyl Nitrate (PAN) for Present and Preindustrial Scenarios

M. Anwar H. Khan1, Michael C. Cooke1,a, Steven R. Utembe1,b, Alexander T. Archibald1,c, Richard G. Derwent2, Michael E. Jenkin1,3, Kimberley E. Leather4, Carl J. Percival4 and Dudley E. Shallcross1*

1Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, Cantock’s Close, Bristol BS8 1TS, UK
2rdscientific, Newbury, Berkshire, UK
3Atmospheric Chemistry Services, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 4QB, UK
4The Centre for Atmospheric Science, The School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science, The University of Manchester, Brunswick Street, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK
aNow at the Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB, UK
bNow at the School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010, Australia
cNow at the NCAS- Climate and the Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Dr. Dudley E. Shallcross, Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, Cantock’s Close, Bristol BS8 1TS, United Kingdom; E-mail:
14 November 2016; 28 February 2017; 03 March 2017
Khan MAH, Cooke MC, Utembe SR, Archibald AT, Derwent RG, et al. (2017) Global Budget and Distribution of Peroxyacetyl Nitrate (PAN) for Present and Preindustrial Scenarios. Int J Earth Environ Sci 2: 130. doi:


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