International Journal of Computer & Software Engineering Volume 1 (2016), Article ID 1:IJCSE-103, 8 pages
Research Article
Development and Preliminary Tests of a Crop Monitoring Mobile Lab Based on a Combined use of Optical Sensors

Daniela D’Auria1, Gianluca Ristorto1, Fabio Persia2*, Renato Vidoni1 and Fabrizio Mazzetto1

1Faculty of Science and Technology, Free University of Bozen, Italy
2Faculty of Computer Science, Free University of Bozen, Italy
Dr. Fabio Persia, Faculty of Computer Science, Free University of Bozen, Italy; E-mail:
27 January 2016; 08 June 2016; 10 June 2016
D’Auria D, Ristorto G, Persia F, Vidoni R, Mazzetto F (2016) Reversible Data Hiding Based on Image Interpolation with a Secret Message Reduction Strategy. Int J Comput Softw Eng 1: 103. doi:


Background: Technology is constantly evolving with respect to production agriculture. Precision farming technologies have been increasingly recognized for their potential ability for improving agricultural productivity, reducing production cost, and minimizing damage to the environment.
Methods: The combined use of different sensors and the following analysis of the recorded data allowed to define an efficient technique for crop monitoring.
Results: We obtained the volume reconstruction of several plants and the NDVI mapping by exploiting the proposed technique.
Conclusion: Crop monitoring and yield forecasting play a major role in the agricultural context. Future work will be devoted to develop and use a customized index structure to increase the efficiency and to integrate in our knowledge base some geo referential data.