International Journal of Journalism & Mass Communication is a peer reviewed, international journal eliminates the need for permissions to reproduce and distribute contents through open access model. The journal aims to keep updating information, research and development related to mass media studies in the new globalized world.

The journal spans the full prospective including mass communication, media management, laws & ethics, society, national & international affairs, visual media, broadcasting, print journalism, documentary production, advertising, cultural studies, public relations, globalization, rural & agriculture journalism, political communication and health communication.

The journal publishes Original Articles, Review Articles, Perspectives, Editorials, and Commentaries, Case Reports.. It also publishes special issues focusing on selected topics of journalism and mass communication.

The entire submission and review process are managed through our advanced Graphy Editorial Managing System. The high quality of its content is assured by a rigorous review process, supervised by a strong editorial board.

Manuscript processing duration

    Internal review: 2-4 days.
    External peer review: 1 month.
    Revision time: 2-4 weeks.
    Acceptance to Publication: 1 week.

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