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Int J Clin Res Trials,  3: IJCRT-125
Research Article: Effect of Hand Massage on Occupational Leg Swelling and Resting-state Electroencephalographic Activity: A Randomized Cross-over Study
Hideki Nakano*, Takayuki Kodama, Masashi Sakamoto, Tomohiro Ueda, Tomiko Tani, Ikuko Mori and Shin Murata
Int J Clin Res Trials,  3: IJCRT-124
Research Article: Current Efficacy of the First Line Uncomplicated Malaria Treatment in Two Sentinels Sites of Côte d’Ivoire
Offianan Andre Toure*, N’Guessan Tiacoh Landry, Ira Bonouman Ama Valerie, Assi Serge Brice, Kouame Emmanuel, Kokora Adonis, Yao Serge Stephane, Amata Eric, Kinifo-Lawson Viviane, Adji Eric Gbessi, Beourou Sylvain, Tuo Karil, Ako Ako Aristide Berenger, Gnondjui Albert, Djaman Joseph
Int J Clin Res Trials,  3: IJCRT-123
Concept Analysis: Importance of Quantitative Analysis of Toxic Biogenic Amines in Food Matrices
Lucia Pucciarini, Federica Ianni, Roccaldo Sardella* and Benedetto Natalini
Int J Clin Res Trials,  3: IJCRT-122
Research Article: Cerebral Vasoreactivity in Parkinson's Disease: A Pilot Study
Giuliano Sette, Elisabetta Indelicato, Alessandra Fanciulli, Jacob Shofany and Francesco E. Pontieri*
Int J Clin Res Trials,  3: IJCRT-121
Original Article: Effect of a Ginger Infusion in Smokers with Reduced Salivary Flow Rate
Maria Fernanda de Mesquita*, Margarida da Silva, Margarida Maria Moncada, Maria Alexandra Bernardo, Maria Leonor Silva, Luís Proença
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-120
Mini Review: Risk Factors and Clinical Management of Cardiac Arrhythmias Arising After Lung Cancer Surgery
George D. Bablekos* and Stylianos A. Michaelides
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-119
Mini Review: Targeting on Morning Blood Pressure Surge
Di Zhao* and Hui Liu
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-118
Review Article: Asymptomatic Infections: The Hidden Epidemic
Israel Potasman
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-117
Research Article: Satisfaction and Perception of Researchers towards the Enrollment of Clinical Research Coordinators on Research Conduct and Promptness: A Cross-Sectional Study
Ahmad H. Al-Badr, Nahid K. El-Bakri, Amani K. Abu-Shaheen and Mohamad A. Al-Tannir*
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-116
Original Article: Alveolar Ridge Preservation as a Way to Reduce the Need for Bone Augmentation: Implementation of a New, Non-invasive Method of Measuring Bone Preservation: Study Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial and Feasibility Testing Results
Sigmar Schnutenhaus*, Jens Dreyhaupt, Isabel Doering, Heike Rudolph and Ralph G. Luthardt
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-115
Research Article: New Regulations on Notified Bodies and Conformity Assessment of High- Risk Medical Devices in Europe: Impact on Clinical Investigation from an Industry Perspective
Wenche C. Groennvold
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-114
Letters to the Editor: Shifting Profile of MDR-TB Patients in Northern Portugal?
Olena Oliveira*, A. Rita Gaio, Anabela Silva, Rita Macedo and Raquel Duarte
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-113
Research Article: Effect of Cinnamon Addition to an High-Sugar Meal on the Postprandial Blood Glucose Response of Healthy Subjects
Maria Alexandra Bernardo*, Catarina Amaral, Margarida Maria Moncada, Maria Leonor Silva, Maria Fernanda De Mesquita
Int J Clin Res Trials,  2: IJCRT-112
Mini Review: Branched-chain Amino Acids as Potential Diagnostic and Prognostic Disease Biomarkers
Federica Ianni, Lucia Pucciarini, Emidio Camaioni, Giulia Alunni, Roccaldo Sardella* and Benedetto Natalini