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Inspiring Innovations & Discoveries
Int J Community Fam Med,  2: IJCFM-129
Research Article: An Endurance Athlete's Self-Report of a Novel Method for Sweat Sodium Measurement in the Field
Douglas Lewis* and Beryl Silkey
Int J Community Fam Med,  2: IJCFM-128
Original Article: Residents Satisfaction with Training Environment of Saudi Diploma of Family Medicine, Saudi Arabia
Yahia M Al-Khaldi*, Kassim M Al-Dawwod, Basima K Al-Khudeer and Abdullah A Al-Saqqaf
Int J Community Fam Med,  2: IJCFM-127
Research Article: Child Injuries and Voice of Parents in South Korea
Changhyun Kang and Soon-Young Moon*
Int J Community Fam Med,  2: IJCFM-126
Commentary: Interprofessional Doctoral Programs: Challenging Disciplinary Constructs
Jennifer Harrison
Int J Community Fam Med,  2: IJCFM-125
Commentary: Research Agenda: The Relationship between Korean Foods and Avian Influenza (AI)
Kyoo-Man Ha
Special IssueInt J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-123
Research Article: Incidence of and Risk Factors for Small Size Babies in Bangladesh
M. Mazharul Islam* and Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-122
Research Article: Running to Health, Sports and Medicine, A Winning Combination: Implementing Physical Activity to Fight Against Chronic Diseases
Filomena Pietrantonio* and Luca Traini
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-121
Commentary: Determination of Professional Musicians’ Level of Exposure to Noise: A Methodological Problem?
Matilde A. Rodrigues
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-120
Research Article: A Cross-Sectional Study of Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, and Barriers Regarding Blood Donation among General Population in Kuwait
Taibah Al-Haqqan, Aisha Husain, Noor Al-Kandari, Laila Al-Rashidi, Nourah Al-Daihani and Amal K. Mitra*
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-119
Research Article: Building a Patient-Centered Medical Home in an Integrated Healthcare System: A Survey of Patient Preferences and Needs
Samuel N. Forjuoh*, Judy Embry and Michael D. Reis
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-118
Research Article: Lifestyle Factors and Internet Addiction among School Children
Abdulbari Bener*, Huda S. Al-Mahdi and Dinesh Bhugra
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-117
Commentary: Cervical Cancer Surveillance - Considerations in the Vaccination Era
Georgios Michail, Georgios Androutsopoulos* and Georgios Decavalas
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-116
Commentary: Person-first Language Aspects of Communication in Health and Mental Health Settings
Sabine Bährer-Kohler
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-115
Research Article: Adaption of Knowledge and Participation of Stakeholders in Three Public Health Interventions at Local Government Level in Denmark
Maja Bertram*, Anne Wiechmann, Arja R Aro and Gabriel Gulis
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-114
Research Article: Investigating the Correlation between Food Prices and University Students Awareness of the Effects of Junk Food Consumption on their Health
Nouf Al-Aklabi, Wejdan Al-Dowsari and Despena Andrioti*
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-113
Research Article: Socio-demographic Factors and Puerperal Sepsis: Experiences from Two Tertiary Level Hospitals in Bangladesh
Tanjila Taskin, Monowara Sultana, Tajul Islam, Nazmul Ahsan Khan and Salim Mahmud Chowdhury*
Int J Community Fam Med,  1: IJCFM-112
Review Article: Reasons for Sickness Absence: A Review of Medical Certification Data in the Republic of Ireland between 2008 and 2014
Michelle Foley