International Journal of Psychology & Behavior Analysis Volume 1 (2015), Article ID 1:IJPBA-106, 7 pages
Research Article
Ideological Identity Statuses of students of Grades 8-11

Basma Salim Al-Balushi1, Abdulqawi Salim Alzubaidi2 and Ali Mahdi Kazem2*

1Ministry of Education, Oman
2Department of Psychology, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Prof. Ali Mahdi Kazem, Department of Psychology, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman; E-mail:
18 January 2015; 17 June 2015; 19 June 2015
Al-Balushi BS, Alzubaidi AS, Kazem AM (2015) Ideological Identity Statuses of Students of Grades 8-11. Int J Psychol Behav Anal 1: 106. doi:


The study aimed at discovering the ideological identity statuses (achievement, moratorium, foreclosure and diffusion) among Omani students of grades 8-11 in basic education and post basic education schools in Muscat Governorate. It also aimed at identifying whether there are differences according to Gender and Grade variables. To achieve these aims the Ego Identity Status measure was applied to 740 male and female students. The results of the study showed that the most common status was identity achievement. In addition, there were statistically significant differences in identity achievement status according to the gender variable favoring female students. While the foreclosure and diffusion identities were favored by male students. Furthermore, there were statistically significant differences according to grade levels in moratorium status favoring grade 8, whereas, foreclosure status was favored by grades 8 and 9. Finally, there were statistically significant interactions between grade and gender variables favoring grade 8 male students and grade 11 female students. The study concluded with a number of recommendations, such as; reinforcing identity culture and communicating its importance to school and university students within a targeted social group.