International Journal of Earth & Environmental Sciences Volume 3 (2018), Article ID 3:IJEES-151, 4 pages
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The Potential of Biofuels in Brazil and Argentina for the Biobased Economy

Paulo Cesar Manduca* and Mauro Berni

University of Campinas, Campinas - SP, 13083-970, Brazil
Dr. Paulo Cesar Manduca, University of Campinas, Campinas - SP, 13083-970, Brazil; E-mail:
03 February 2018; 20 June 2018; 22 June 2018
Manduca PC, Berni M (2018) The Potential of Biofuels in Brazil and Argentina for the Biobased Economy. Int J Earth Environ Sci 3: 151. doi:


Argentina and Brazil occupy a prominent position among the largest exporters of biomass, biofuels inclusive. They have potential to overcome traditional role as exporter of row material and assume the vanguard of a future biobased economy. In the for now incipient frame of the biobased economy, biofuels are the most promising element since most developed countries have already established some goal of change oil to biofuel. What create a global market for ethanol and biodiesel and consequently a capital flow into the productive chain so making the productive factors - demand, competition, innovation, improvement of economic agents and market expansion – go ahead in order to develop more and more.

Despite great development on biofuel field biobased economy faces huge battle to overcome oil economy that dominates all economy fields for more than one century. Even in Brazil and Argentina the future of the biofuel is unclear the analysis highlights that both countries have recently become great producers of fossil energy. So the irresistible of fossil's force attracting and the emergence of oil populism have pushed these countries into two ways: to invest in innovation in bioefuels and other field of biobased economy or develop traditional industries linked to fossil fuels.