International Journal of Earth & Environmental Sciences Volume 2 (2017), Article ID 2:IJEES-135, 26 pages
Review Article
An Annotated Bibliography on Spatio-temporal Modelling Trends

Willington Siabato1*, Miguel Ángel Manso-Callejo2 and Elena Camossi3

1Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Geography, National University of Colombia, Cra 45, Bogotá, Colombia
2Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Department of Topographic Engineering and Cartography, Madrid, Spain
3Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), La Spezia, Italy
Prof. Willington Siabato, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Geography, National University of Colombia, Cra 45, Bogotá, Colombia; E-mail:
12 September 2016; 05 August 2017; 07 August 2017
Siabato W, Manso-Callejo MA, Camossi E (2017) An Annotated Bibliography on Spatiotemporal Modelling Trends. Int J Earth Environ Sci 2: 135. doi:


This article presents a brief overview and an annotated bibliography on the spatio-temporal modelling approaches and spatio-temporal data models that have been proposed since the late 1980s. While some models are theoretical, others are grounded upon specific case studies that have dealt with the evolution of spatial objects over time applied to scenarios such as land use, wildfire growth, road networks reconfiguration, or the analysis of objects in movement (moving objects). A taxonomy of 14 spatio-temporal modelling trends is described, the annotated bibliography is classified accordingly. Furthermore, three sections closely related to spatio-temporal modelling issues are also included: (i) ontological modelling foundations, (ii) temporal modelling, and (iii) time geography. These sections show the origins and part of the fundamentals of spatio-temporal modelling in GIS. The purpose of this bibliography, which consists of 319 references, is to compile a comprehensive set of references that can be of help to students and researchers, as well as to practitioners, interested in spatio-temporal modelling issues. This article is supported by an extended, dynamic, online bibliography which contains over 1450 references available at