International Journal of Earth & Environmental Sciences Volume 2 (2017), Article ID 2:IJEES-126, 2 pages
Review Article
Philosophical Thinking about Oil & Gas Exploration

Lijun Song*, Bingqiang Yuan and Haifu Wang

1Department of Materials and Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University, 7-1 Kioicho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan
2Institute of Environmental Radioactivity, Fukushima University, 1 Kanayagawa, Fukushima 960-1296, Japan
Lijun Song, Geosciences and engineering Faculty, Xi’an Shiyou University, Xi’an 710065,China; E-mail:
02 November 2016; 16 January 2017; 18 January 2017
Song L, Yuan B, Wang H (2017) Philosophical Thinking about Oil & Gas Exploration. Int J Earth Environ Sci 2: 126. doi:


In this paper, the mechanism of hydrocarbon accumulation, exploration thinking, exploration process, exploration method and prospector’s quality have been philosophically recognized. The researches show that the core target of oil and gas exploration is predicting the existence of the oil and gas reservoir, the research on elements of hydrocarbon accumulation and the time-space matching relation between the accumulation process and them is the basis of forecasting reservoirs, the overall coupling analysis of the oil and gas accumulation process and the geodynamic environment evolution in geological history would perfectly predict the existence of the reservoir, the oil and gas exploration process is a information warfare of comprehensively utilizing a variety of limited information, the adaptive exploration techniques and methods should be adapted to the detailed exploration objects and the overall quality of prospector is the basis of being a explorationist.