International Journal of Earth & Environmental Sciences Volume 1 (2016), Article ID 1:IJEES-114, 3 pages
Expert Opinion
Importance of Methods of Selection in the Geosciences Studies and Exploration

Mustafa M. Hariri

Geosciences Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, 31261, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Mustafa M Hariri, Geosciences Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran-31261, Saudi Arabia; E-mail:
13 May 2016; 02 August 2016; 04 August 2016
Hariri MM (2016) Importance of Methods of Selection in the Geosciences Studies and Exploration. Int J Earth Environ Sci 1: 114. doi:


Selection of methods of study in geosciences and natural resources exploration hasalways beena concern for geosciences communities and industries. Financial cost and effectiveness of the methods are the most important issues. Additionally, integration between different methods and their application order are very essential to reach the best cost effectiveness and optimization. Methods such as remote sensing, mapping, various geophysical and geochemical surveys, and drilling are among the methods that were used for long time. Those methods were also integrated, recently, with more sophisticated and advanced techniques such as petro-physics, and wireline logs analysis in hydrocarbon industry, and organic bound and electro-geochemical behavior in minerals studies. To optimize the cost and efficiently utilize the resources careful selection of applied method is essential. Moreover, the phase that selected method will be used needs to be clearly defined and justified. The careful selection of specific method should be based on the needs and targeted results. Recently available free and low cost methods and tools should also be considered as a substitute for the higher cost conventional ones. New tools such as Google Earth, DEM, LIDAR and GIS can be used very effectively in revealing information that used be obtained by more costly methods such as mapping and field surveys.

This paper highlights the importance of selecting the different methods for geosciences studies and exploration. The paper emphasizes the fact that selecting the method and utilizing it in the exact phase will help in reaching the right decision and obtaining results with low cost. Moreover, the recent available free or low cost techniques should also be considered in the geosciences studies in place of traditional high cost methods.