Table 1: Key Elements and Exemplar illustrations.
Element Definition Illustration
Social Justice Care should not be limited by beliefs or values; equitable treatment; care that addresses the needs of the disadvantaged University of Louisville School of Nursing identified unmet health needs of the under- and uninsured race track workers and proposed a strategy to address those needs
Social Determinants of Health Conditions in which people are born, grow, work,live and age that shape conditions of daily life, health status and health outcomes Migratory work conditions serve as a barrier to optimal health for the track workers which results in medication nonadherence and lack or care continuity
Interprofessional Practice Collaboration among health care and non-health care service providers in meeting individual and population needs to support health. Building IPE/IPP experiences improves clinical practice and person centered outcomes Nurse led interprofessional team includes a variety of health professionals as well as professionals with Spanish language and Latin culture expertise to address worker needs. KRHSC setting provides an opportunity for students to gain skills working as part of a team through service learning, successful project and research development
Community Engagement Process of working collaboratively with and through groups of people to address issues affecting wellbeing and health The KRHSC was developed and expanded in partnership with the Churchill Downs racetrack, the Commonwealth of Kentucky (Racing Health and Welfare Funds) and the racetrack workers and families. Each stakeholder group contributed to the development of the tailored services and the research agenda focused on improving outcomes and women’s health needs.