Figure 2: Fluorescent microscopic images presenting shapes of the MSCs on various substrates. (a)-(c) MSCs on flat substrates; (a) tissue culture plate, (b) SU8, and (c) PDMS. (d)-(k) MSCs on groove patterned substrates; (d) and (e) 500 nm, (f) and (g) 1 μm, (h) and (i) 20 μm, and (j) and (k) 50 μm. Images, on the left panel, (d), (f), (h), and (j), show cells on SU8 and images on the right side, (e), (g), (i) and (k) are cells on PDMS. The scale bars represent 20 μm and the direction of the groove patterns are represented by double-arrow headed lines above the scale bars.

figure 2