Table 4: Peculiarities of covariative dependence of the geno-phenotypical signs, psychophysiological parameters of a man, and the cosmophysical environment (according to the data of Berikov V.B., 2002).
Coupled parameters Cosmic rays
1 gene В1 intellect electrons
2 gene В1 memory neutrons
3 digital test neutrons
4 М-test (electroconductivity TR) creative work protons (Pr>1 keV ), (Pr>10 keV)
5 М-test (electroconductivity TR) memory neutrons
6 operative memory creative work electrons
7 М-test (paulse, APs) protons (Pr>1 keV ), (Pr>10 keV)
8 reographic index alpha particles
9 Light absorption protons (Pr>1 keV),(Pr>30 MeV)
10 tolerance to physical load neutrons