Table 7: Example of areas that can be object of establishing CO2 indicators.
Activity CO2 generator indicator Sustainable actions
Transportation and driving CO2 generated according to driving practices, number of occupants and type of vehicle - Conscious driving
- Use of masstransport
-Establish city indicators of total daily CO2 generated by transportation
Usingelectricity CO2 generated according to origin of used electricity and type of urban practices - Electricity saving
- Communal and individual projects to generate electricity with renewable sources
Solid waste generating and disposal CO2 and CH4 generated according to waste disposal methods being used and scale of recycling and reuse - Recycling
- Less generation of waste
- Individual and communal projects to recycle and reuse
Industrial and commercial emissions Regional and urban indicators of specific emissions according to major processes and activities - Companies calculate their contribution to the indicators and establish goal to improve
- Citizens know this and contribute to improvements trough vigilance and participation