Table 1: case summary of extractions in value design in the IoT ecosystem business model.
Company Type of Business Model Value Drivers Value Nodes Value flows/exchanges Value extracts
A: Global elevator player Promote IoT offering as advanced service offering Provide advanced elevators service and predictive maintenance over traditional maintenance Partner with strong global IoT solution provider, customers and all level of stakeholders Convert data into useful decision flow to stakeholders and promote customized predictive maintenance service Provide unique advanced elevator condition base maintenance with monthly subscription charge
B: Strong elevator local Additional remote monitoring feature for equipment offering Additional feature and functionality in their standard equipment to support distributors Various IoT vendors (software and hardware), elevator distributors and authoritative bodies IoT function attached to equipment flow Selling equipment with build in IoT feature
C: Elevator components IoT platform provider together with integrated elevators control components Promote data modeling and service to tailor customers service requirement OEM elevator manufacturers, service company and authoritative bodies An IoT open platform, centralized database, information and money exchange Establish IoT open platform to promote data analytical service to tailor needs from clients