Figure 1: GABA synthesis. The synthesis of GABA is part of glutamate/GABA-glutamine cycle an intracellular process in which GABA or glutamate from neurons are uptake by astrocytes. Subsequently, astrocytes synthesize and release glutamine a precursor of GABA and glutamate synthesis. GABAergic neurons synthesize GABA from glucose and others precursors, including pyruvate and others amino acids.
α-KG: α-keto-glutarate; EAAT: excitatory amino acid transporter; GABA-T: GABA transaminase; GABA-R: GABA receptor; GAD: glutamate decarboxylase; GAT: GABA Transporter; GDH/AAT: glutamate dehidrogenase/aspartate aminotransferase; GLN: glutamine; GLU: glutamate; GLU-R: glutamate receptor; GS: glutamine synthetase; PAG: glutaminase; Succ: succinate; SSA: succinic semialdehyde; SSADH: succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase; vGAT: vesicular GABA transporter; vGlut: vesicular glutamate transporter.

figure 1